The Crucible produces several major events each year and Hot Couture is the biggest. It’s a mind-blowing industrial art fashion show, featuring elaborate costumes from Oakland’s most creative designers. Fire performance, one of the art forms taught at The Crucible, is a key element. Please see the “Social Media” section for an example of one of our digital ad campaigns. Ticket sales are up a dramatic +87%, breaking all previous sales records, since Morphist began promoting the event in 2016.

Mehrban-Jam-037-IMG_4561-lores Hot-Couture_0143-lores DSC_5449-lores 383A7279-lores  DSC_3729-lores DSC_3437-lores DSC_3216-lores 383A7125-lores GJW_MG_2760-lores

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